Unboxing & Preparation Guide

Are you excited about the possibility of owning an Angelic Veil™?

It's super easy to prepare them for their grand debut. Follow our simple guide to unpacking and preparing your wings, and you'll be ready to spread the magic in no time!


Why We Do This

Shipping constraints require us to compact your wings for their journey. This also prevent any damage that could occur on their journey to you.

But don't worry - isolon, the material used, is incredibly flexible and resilient.

Just follow these easy steps to decompress your wings, and they'll be ready for your use in no time!

Step-by-Step Unpacking & Preparation

Unveil the Magic: Carefully open your package to reveal your stunning Angelic Veil™ wings.

Set Them Free: Lay your wings flat on a smooth surface, allowing them to decompress.

Smooth Operator: Gently glide your hand over any visible wrinkles or folds, flattening them out.

Patience is Key: Give your wings a few hours to fully decompress and smooth out any remaining wrinkles or folds. To speed up the process, feel free to place books or other heavy objects on the wings.

Get ready to spread your Angelic Veil™ wings and experience the magic they bring to your content, events, photoshoots, or performances!


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