About Us


From The Beginning

Luminous Creations is a family owned and operated business that started when two siblings discovered a shared love for music festivals. For this duo, music festivals became a place that represented peace, love, unity, and respect. 
Like any other, at one point in their lives, they didn't know what a music festival was. After attending their first one, they discovered a magical place where everyone sparkles, love prevails, and harsh words are not even a concept. As with any who attends their first music festival, they were introduced to a world of kindness and harmony unrivaled in the real world. Unrivaled to the real world, this magical atmosphere is one that led them to do something special in this industry after attending multiple festivals.
Rave fashion - the perfect depiction of extraordinary creativity, with ornate outfits, eye-catching sparkles, bright neon colors, and UV lights that shine all throughout the night - seemed like the perfect place to start. 
Armed with this passion for festival style and the desire to design an outfit that would stand out unlike any other, they set out to create something definitive of this culture - a culture that stems from the need to escape reality and immerse yourself in a magical world. Inspired by the desire to be uniquely different, yet act as an outlet for creativity and self expression, festival style is a reflection of your youthful free spirit - even if just for one night. And so their work began. 
They knew it needed to be comfortable, unique, and jaw-dropping. It had to be something that would captivate spectators and leave anyone in their presence feeling luminated. It had to be something that was built for dance and performance - versatile, light, and easy to use. 
Fast forward a few months later... the idea to infuse hundreds of gorgeous, captivating, and mesmerizing LED lights into fairy-tale like wings was born. After many, many failed attempts, the first perfected illuminated veil™ was finally created.

Unveiling The Illuminated Veil

The illuminated veil™ allows you to spread your wings and dazzle, as high quality copper infused LED beads are hand stitched into highly durable polyester wings for an endless, luminous shine. It is light, comfortable, and easy to use - with lightweight yet elegant fabric that floats and moves like a butterfly, and with a comfortable lace-up neck collar that is extremely easy to put on and take off.

The illuminated veil™ is made with quality craftsmanship. Weighing only a few ounces, it allows you to move with ease and comfort as long lasting, high performance LED beads are crafted into highly durable yet extremely comfortable polyester infused fabric, all while remaining energy efficient. It is bright, colorful, and gives you a magical and steady shine - all throughout the night.

Breathtaking yet simple, captivate spectators and leave a lasting impression with the illuminated veil™.

Luminating Multiple Industries

The illuminated veil was originally designed for music festivals. However, as more and more customers began purchasing and using it, we realized it stretches so far beyond that. 

People use it for costume parties. For dance recitals & dance performances. Some people have used it simply for their pursuit of the perfect photo. Others have used it for special events, such as weddings and pep rallies. 

We've come to realize that the illuminated veil is so much more than a festival outfit - it's a way for our customers to truly spread their wings and dazzle in nearly any scenario.

So to close this off, we sincerely hope you enjoy your veil - and the magic it brings. We encourage you to send us an image of you in it. And we hope that we can continue to do great things that'll help you captivate any spectator.  

Our Commitment To Quality

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We realize that the best way to market and sustain a product is to have customers raving about it (pun intended). That's why all of our creations are artisan crafted to extremely high standards. 
If for any reason you feel that the product is not for you, reach out to us and we'll make it right. We back all purchases with a money back guarantee, and we have a team on standby ready to assist you at any time.