Back again I see.

We like that.

Another day, another easy dance move. Let's go.

Again, you'll look fabulous as f*ck doing this. Just know that.

Again, we wing slappin haters.

Just kidding, don't.

But do squad up with your friends.

Pay attention.

Don't worry, it's easy.




Step 1 - Flap your wings with your arms extended. Tiptoe on one of your legs.


Step 2 - While flapping, spin your body using your tiptoed foot.


Step 3 - Keep your pivot foot in place, while spinning and flapping.


Step 4 - Do it faster. You've got it now.


Practice makes perfect.

It's normal to feel "strange" doing this if you're not a dancer.

Once you've mastered it after a few practice sessions - add this to your bag of tricks.


Stay tuned for more dance tutorials to come!

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