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We usually gatekeep, but we'll show you a few tricks.

Here's an easy dance move for your next festival!

You'll look stunning as f*ck doing this.

Anybody who disagrees is gonna get the wing slap.

Just kidding.

Did we mention this'll look even better with your friends?

Pay attention.

Don't worry, it's easy.

By the way, feeling "out of rhythm" is normal if you don't dance.

And practice makes perfect.

You got this.




Step 1 - Sidestep while making a curve with your arm like this.


Step 2 - Return to starting position, then do the other side. 


Step 3 - Now do them both together, one after the other. 


Step 4 - Now repeat step 3, faster.

 There you go!



Remember, practice makes perfect.

Add this to your arsenal of Illuminated Veil dance moves.

More to come!

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